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Room for Improvement in Employers’ Health Care and Wellness Efforts

In light of the changes to the United States health care landscape as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) and the Associated Press conducted a survey on employers’ perspectives on the health insurance marketplace, the plans that they offer employees, and employer wellness programs. This survey employed a nationally representative...

Attitude Matters: Outlook on Aging Shapes Health Outcomes

Older adults approach the aging process with a wide range of beliefs and psychological defense mechanisms in place to combat the inevitable cognitive and physical declines that come with a greater tenure on planet Earth. As Betty White once said, “I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot.” If we are to assume that this quote embodies her approach toward aging, then she would...

Modifying Heart Health May Boost Brain Health

The American Heart Association has released an assessment tool called Life’s Simple 7 that focuses on modifiable health behaviors, which can be used to promote cardiovascular health. Previously researchers have shown a relationship between cardiovascular problems and a greater risk of cognitive decline. In light of the earlier research, researchers wondered whether scores on Life’s...

How Levels of Engagement in Work, Volunteering & Caregiving Affect Well-Being

A recent study in The Gerontologist examined how psychological well-being is impacted by different types of engagement in productive activities, such as paid work, family caregiving, and volunteering. The study looked at this relationship for 330 adults in both middle and late life (ages 50 to 83, with an average age of 62), and examined what levels of engagement were associated with...

Influences on Caregivers’ Self-Perceived Ability to Provide Individualized Care

Individualized care (also referred to as person-centered care, consumer-directed care, and self-directed care) takes into account resident individuality, includes resident participation in decision-making processes, and provides a holistic approach to wellness. However, providing individualized care can be a resource- and energy-intensive process for long-term care staff. Such...

Engaged as We Age

Engaged as We Age
Many of today’s older adults are re-inventing how they become or remain engaged with work, volunteer activities, education and other learning activities, and caregiving for family members and friends.  While the possibilities for positive aging are expanding, fundamental questions remain about how the new ways of engagement might affect the mental and physical health of older...

The Link Between Physical Health & Psychological Well-Being Among Recently Bereaved Spouses

The Link Between Physical Health & Psychological Well-Being Among Recently Bereaved Spouses
One of the most distressing of life events is experiencing the death of a spouse.  The health detriments associated with widowhood are well-documented. Surviving spouses commonly experience declines in both psychological well-being and physical health.  Very little research, however, has shown whether health at the time of widowhood or health-related changes that accompany widowhood...

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