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Integrating Acute and Post-Acute Care

Integrating Acute and Post-Acute Care
With U.S. health care costs escalating at rates that are deemed unsustainable, health care providers throughout the continuum of care, from physicians and hospitals to post-acute providers, are focused on defining new best practices to control costs while they maintain or improve quality of care outcomes.  Most agree that coordinating and/or integrating the acute and post-acute care...

Older Adult’s First Book to be Released By Major Publisher

Granta magazine, a literary publication based in the UK, publishes quarterly collections of short stories and literary journalism. For its upcoming issue, Granta: Pakistan, editor John Freeman’s attention was taken by a 79-year-old retired civil servant named Jamil Ahmad, who worked for years as an official near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and had never been published before. His...

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