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Believe in Yourself: The Concept of Stereotype Threat and How It Affects Older Adults

In a recent review of the stereotype threat that older adults face about their cognitive abilities, the author found that common factors observed in other groups influenced by stereotype threat (i.e., group identification) cannot always be applied to age-based stereotype threat about cognitive decline. Stereotype threat is the fear of being judged as doing something stereotypical that...

Play It Again: The Benefits of Introducing Play to People with Dementia

The Dutch historian Johan Huizinga has suggested that play is “at the heart of human activity and is what gives meaning to life,” regardless of age. Recently, researchers have extended the investigation of play to the role that it can take in dementia care. The authors note that here, “Play is not used to infantilize and trivialize people living with dementia, but as a way to...

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way: Cognitive Benefits Gained from the Briefest of Workouts

Numerous studies have found an association between physical activity and later cognitive performance, but most have relied on self-reported activity. A recent study tried to get a more precise picture of the relationship between physical activity and later cognitive performance by using accelerometers to directly measure physical activity. Researchers gave 6,452 older adults with an...

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: How Older Adults Gauge Distance

Over the years, research has demonstrated that human perception is never quite as simple as it appears. For example, we know data taken in through the human eye interacts with the brain to fill in missing information about the scenery in our environment. Furthermore, we also know from prior perception research that the distance we are located from an object can appear farther or closer...

TRENDING NOW: Adult Playgrounds

Adult playgrounds have long been popular in China, Japan, and parts of Europe and South America, and now the concept is increasingly being adopted in the United States as well. These unique playgrounds provide an outdoor space that offers older adults opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. Some of these playgrounds resemble “jungle gyms” and are geared toward...

Zzzzz: Which Sleep Patterns in Older Adults Are Linked to Dementia?

Do sleep patterns predict older adults’ likelihood of developing dementia? Researchers attempted to answer this question by looking at how sleep patterns reported by older adults related to their incidence of dementia after 17 years of follow-up. The 11,247 participants were at least 65 at the start of this study, when their cognitive functioning and details of their sleep patterns...

Feeling Useful as a Human Being into Older Adulthood

Researchers are beginning to explore self-perceived usefulness and its impact on how we age. Specifically, Chinese researchers recently examined how older adults view their level of “uselessness” in a longitudinal study of 19,070 older adults, hypothesizing that the more useless an individual felt, the less successful their aging process would be over time.

Beet It: Immediate Brain Benefits Found for Drinking Beet Juice before Exercise

A new study finds that older adults with high blood pressure who drink beet juice before exercising enjoy greater brain plasticity.

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