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TRENDING NOW: Hearing Aids Getting Smaller, Smarter, and—Soon—Cheaper

Hearing aid technology has undergone dramatic improvements to make the devices smaller and smarter than they used to be. These devices can now connect to a smartphone to not only allow users to make phone calls or receive audio from the phone,...

Tale of Two Countries: How Health Care Systems in US & Canada Burden Caregivers

When two researchers in Canada and the United States compared their experiences as caregivers, both were surprised by the “substantial burden of negotiating and managing long term care (LTC) services,” despite being in different health and...

The Right Tool for the Right Job: Measuring Psychological Wellness in Older Adults

Self-esteem (SE) is an important attribute at any age. That said, does it remain the same into later life? What’s more, how do researchers measure SE in older adults if it does change with age? A group of researchers addressed these...

Late-Life Brain Workout: Those Over Age 70 Still Benefit from Cognitively Stimulating Activities

A number of studies have shown a positive association between cognitively stimulating activities and later cognitive function. However, few of these studies look at the association in those age 70 and better. Recently, researchers addressed...

“Inflamm-aging”: How Inflammation Speeds Up Biological Aging

A growing body of research points to the role of low-grade chronic inflammation in accelerating biological aging, a process that has been termed inflamm-aging. A recent review looks at how such inflammation is brought about and the wide range...

TRENDING NOW: Number of Family Caregivers to Drop as Need Rises

A recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine found that the number of potential family caregivers is shrinking at a time when the population of older adults who likely need such support is growing rapidly....

Believe in Yourself: The Concept of Stereotype Threat and How It Affects Older Adults

In a recent review of the stereotype threat that older adults face about their cognitive abilities, the author found that common factors observed in other groups influenced by stereotype threat (i.e., group identification) cannot always be...

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