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TRENDING NOW: Number of Family Caregivers to Drop as Need Rises

A recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine found that the number of potential family caregivers is shrinking at a time when the population of older adults who likely need such support is growing rapidly....

Believe in Yourself: The Concept of Stereotype Threat and How It Affects Older Adults

In a recent review of the stereotype threat that older adults face about their cognitive abilities, the author found that common factors observed in other groups influenced by stereotype threat (i.e., group identification) cannot always be...

Play It Again: The Benefits of Introducing Play to People with Dementia

The Dutch historian Johan Huizinga has suggested that play is “at the heart of human activity and is what gives meaning to life,” regardless of age. Recently, researchers have extended the investigation of play to the role that it can take...

Going to Pot: Older Adults and Legalized Marijuana

In 2014, a nationally representative survey found that 5.1 percent of adults over 50 had used cannabis in the past month, and the rate of cannabis use among older adults is expected to rise. The majority of older cannabis users reported using...

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way: Cognitive Benefits Gained from the Briefest of Workouts

Numerous studies have found an association between physical activity and later cognitive performance, but most have relied on self-reported activity. A recent study tried to get a more precise picture of the relationship between physical...

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: How Older Adults Gauge Distance

Over the years, research has demonstrated that human perception is never quite as simple as it appears. For example, we know data taken in through the human eye interacts with the brain to fill in missing information about the scenery in our...

TRENDING NOW: Adult Playgrounds

Adult playgrounds have long been popular in China, Japan, and parts of Europe and South America, and now the concept is increasingly being adopted in the United States as well. These unique playgrounds provide an outdoor space that offers...

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