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An Apple a Day Keeps Distress at Bay: Psychological Benefits of Eating Fruits & Veggies

There is growing evidence that nutrition not only plays a role in disease prevention, it can also impact mental health. A recent study of more than 50,000 middle-aged and older adults (average age of 62) examined the relationship between fruit...

Share and Share Alike: How Patterns of Generosity Change with Age

Research suggests that generosity increases with age. One reason suggested for this is that older adults may be more motivated to provide assistance to individuals who are not likely to reciprocate that generosity. In general, people are most...

Listening with the EAR: An Advancement in How We Can Listen to Older Adults

I vividly remember classmates at the University of Arizona in the early 2000s speaking about amazing technology that a professor had developed and was using to study interactions between male and female faculty in the STEM sciences. What...

TRENDING NOW: Empty Convents Converted into Housing for Older Adults

A number of projects are underway to convert underutilized convents around Chicago into housing for older adults. These buildings once offered living spaces for nuns, but due to a decline in numbers over the past two decades, they have become...

Day by Day: Immediate Benefits to Older Adults from Physical Activity

Although much evidence suggests that physical activity has physical and psychological benefits for older adults, less is known about how types of activity and time spent being active might be associated with day-to-day well-being benefits such...

Virtually Yours: How People with Dementia Respond to Virtual Reality Programs

As virtual reality (VR) technology becomes more common and less expensive, the aging services industry and researchers are beginning to explore its potential uses with older adults. One report covered the use of a VR program with older adults...

Re-Examining Lifestyle Redesign: A Closer Look at What Makes an Intervention Succeed

In order to design and implement successful lifestyle interventions for older adults, it’s important to understand the mechanisms that contribute to their success. A recent study took a closer look at Lifestyle Redesign, an evidence-based...

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