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Preparing for the Inevitable: Family Caregivers Need Help Preparing for Recipients’ Death

A survey of caregivers of family members with dementia who had passed away showed that more than a third reported being unprepared for the death. In interviews with caregivers of deceased family members with dementia, researchers found five...

Age on Stage: The Many Benefits of Theater Arts for Older Adults

Many older adults opt to pursue a number of artistic pursuits in their retirement. There have been previous reviews of older adults’ arts participation that note the health and social benefits of such participation, but until now, none have...

A Matter of Life or Death: Stronger Well-Being Lessens Anxiety of Dying

In the Iliad, Homer said, “Light is the task when many share the toil.” Homer’s advice is sage and has stood the test of time. Death, however, is one of those rare toils that may not apply. Having the knowledge that everyone around you...

TRENDING NOW: Close-up on Cameras in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Residents’ Rooms

A recent survey of assisted living and skilled nursing providers examined the use of cameras in residents’ rooms. While the issue of cameras is getting increased attention, 90 percent of respondents reported having never placed a camera in a...

Breakthrough! Attracting & Retaining Diverse, Low Income Older Adults as Volunteers

Although research suggests that low income older adults are likely to benefit most from being volunteers, evidence also suggests they have fewer opportunities to volunteer. In hopes of providing attractive and accessible programs to lower...

Phoning It In: Videoconferencing to Improve Dementia Care

Effectively managing the symptoms of residents with dementia can require considerable clinical expertise. Unfortunately, many nursing homes lack access to the specialized expertise that could aid in their efforts. A recent study examined the...

The Art of Combatting Ageism: How One Art Program Is Changing Perspectives

Health care students are usually exposed to older adults primarily in clinical settings such as hospitals or nursing homes. This can perpetuate negative stereotypes of “frail elderly” among individuals who will eventually be providing...

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