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The Third Age: When Baby Boomers Finally Get to Save the World?

The Third Age of life is the period of healthy retirement, prior to the onset of significant frailty or physical difficulties. A recent Public Policy and Aging Report article points out that great societal good could potentially come from the...

Leisure Time over Time: How Men & Women Differ in Activity Levels as They Age

Participation in leisure activities has been associated with a number of positive cognitive, physical, and emotional outcomes as we age. However, we are still learning about the trajectories of participation in different types of leisure...

A Positive View of Your Own Future Pays Off

Recent research has shown a spotlight on ramifications on psychological well-being related to the way we conceive of our own futures, in addition to our awareness and understanding of the aging process. Specifically, one study examined...

Can’t Get No Satisfaction: How Do Respondents’ Personal Characteristics Impact Resident Satisfaction Ratings?

Resident and customer satisfaction surveys are an important way for aging services organizations to gauge how well they meet the needs and preferences of the older adults they serve. However, research has shown that satisfaction scores can be...

TRENDING NOW: How Aging Baby Boomers, Diversity Are Changing Assisted Living

Recently, Bankrate published an online article titled Latest Trends in Assisted Living Facilities. The article examines how the senior living industry is changing to accommodate the diverse needs and wants of aging baby boomers. The article...

Reading for Life: How What You Read Impacts Longevity

Using longitudinal survey data that asked about book and newspaper/magazine reading separately, researchers recently looked at the association of reading with participants’ longevity, as well as which type of reading material had the...

TRENDING NOW: Health Technology & Overall Technology Use for Older Adults 2011–2014

A recent study in JAMA examined trends in older adults’ technology use from 2011 to 2014, with a particular focus on the use of health technology. This survey of community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries age 65 and better employed a...

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