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The Cost of Caregiving: Putting a Price on Tech That Helps Caregivers

How much would you be willing to pay for technology to help with the caregiving of an older adult in your life? Researchers recently sought to answer this question. Specifically, a team of researchers carried out a nationwide online study of...

Motivation Counts: Benefits to Older Adults from Tech Use Depends on Why They Use It

Many potential benefits of information and communication technology (cell phones, social media, fitness trackers, etc.) have been suggested for older adults, but not much is known about how older adults’ motivations for using this technology...

Three Cups a Day Keep Dementia Away: Promising Research for Coffee-Drinkers

A cup of joe is a regular part of many people’s daily routines, but beyond helping us wake up, could that coffee be offering other benefits? A recent study looked at the association of caffeine intake and cognitive impairment and dementia...

TRENDING NOW: Skilled Nursing Homes Striving for a Comeback

A recent McKnight’s column titled “The Evolution of Nursing Homes” examines the changing world of skilled nursing homes and how many are convinced that this is no longer a dwindling sector. The article discusses that many within the...

Staying behind the Wheel: Extending Older Adults’ Ability to Drive with Cognitive Training

Maintaining the ability to drive is an important way for older adults to maintain their independence, and loss of this ability is associated with negative factors including depression, decreased engagement, and even mortality. Recently,...

The Third Age: When Baby Boomers Finally Get to Save the World?

The Third Age of life is the period of healthy retirement, prior to the onset of significant frailty or physical difficulties. A recent Public Policy and Aging Report article points out that great societal good could potentially come from the...

Leisure Time over Time: How Men & Women Differ in Activity Levels as They Age

Participation in leisure activities has been associated with a number of positive cognitive, physical, and emotional outcomes as we age. However, we are still learning about the trajectories of participation in different types of leisure...

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