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Virtually Yours: How People with Dementia Respond to Virtual Reality Programs

As virtual reality (VR) technology becomes more common and less expensive, the aging services industry and researchers are beginning to explore its potential uses with older adults. One report covered the use of a VR program with older adults...

Re-Examining Lifestyle Redesign: A Closer Look at What Makes an Intervention Succeed

In order to design and implement successful lifestyle interventions for older adults, it’s important to understand the mechanisms that contribute to their success. A recent study took a closer look at Lifestyle Redesign, an evidence-based...

BROs before Lows: How a Cost-Effective Befriending Intervention Combats Loneliness in Older Adults

Social isolation and loneliness are gaining attention globally through public awareness campaigns such as the UK’s Campaign to End Loneliness and AARP’s Connect2Affect. But which interventions are successful, and how cost-effective are...

TRENDING NOW: Older Adults Living Apart Together

The nature of committed relationships is changing for many older adults. “Living Apart Together” is an increasingly common type of relationship in which couples do not share a residence, but have an intimate relationship. Higher divorce...

Dollars & Sense: How Age Determines Monetary Decision-Making

A recent study attempted to identify differences in monetary decision-making behaviors between older and younger adults. The authors were interested in two factors: decision quality, which they defined as the frequency participants chose...

TRENDING NOW: Hearing Aids Getting Smaller, Smarter, and—Soon—Cheaper

Hearing aid technology has undergone dramatic improvements to make the devices smaller and smarter than they used to be. These devices can now connect to a smartphone to not only allow users to make phone calls or receive audio from the phone,...

Tale of Two Countries: How Health Care Systems in US & Canada Burden Caregivers

When two researchers in Canada and the United States compared their experiences as caregivers, both were surprised by the “substantial burden of negotiating and managing long term care (LTC) services,” despite being in different health and...

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