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Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: How Older Adults Gauge Distance

Over the years, research has demonstrated that human perception is never quite as simple as it appears. For example, we know data taken in through the human eye interacts with the brain to fill in missing information about the scenery in our...

TRENDING NOW: Adult Playgrounds

Adult playgrounds have long been popular in China, Japan, and parts of Europe and South America, and now the concept is increasingly being adopted in the United States as well. These unique playgrounds provide an outdoor space that offers...

A Second Life for Isolated Older Adults? A Real-Life Look at Using Virtual Environments for Socializing

Advances in Internet technology have enabled the creation of immersive, realistic 3-D online environments. One of the most popular of these is Second Life, a world that users can explore to find areas and people of interest. Users of Second...

Taking Charge: Lessons from Letting Older Adults Self-Direct Their Care

As the number of care options available for older adults has grown, many older adults and policymakers are championing the concept of self-direction—the idea that even older consumers with severe disabilities could be in charge of their own...

Zzzzz: Which Sleep Patterns in Older Adults Are Linked to Dementia?

Do sleep patterns predict older adults’ likelihood of developing dementia? Researchers attempted to answer this question by looking at how sleep patterns reported by older adults related to their incidence of dementia after 17 years of...

Older Adults’ Feelings of Financial Strain Linked to Poor Health

Increasing evidence suggests that interpretations of personal circumstances can impact individuals’ health and quality of life. Research shows that in developed countries the subjective experience of financial strain has been more strongly associated with health and quality of life ratings than actual income levels. Recently, researchers looked into whether these patterns also existed for older adults in less developed countries, where older adults may be more economically vulnerable than their counterparts in richer, more developed countries.

Out of the Blue: New Model Helps Family Caregivers of Stroke Sufferers

Strokes provide numerous challenges to not only the sufferer of the stroke, but also to that individual’s caregiver. Because of the suddenness of strokes, many family caregivers are unprepared to provide caregiving responsibilities once a...

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