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Exercise Classes Work Out for Older Adults in Surprising Ways

A recent study of four different exercise classes showed that physical fitness isn’t the only benefit that such courses can provide. Participant surveys and brain scans showed significant psychosocial impacts. Although social benefits may...

Re-Examining Retirement: A Look at 7 Pressing Issues with Retiring Today

As the landscape of retirement is rapidly changing, a group of researchers and public officials recently outlined seven pressing retirement issues and questions surrounding them that require answers to successfully address the challenges posed...

TRENDING NOW: The Ruff Side of Pet Therapy Programs

Pet therapy programs are becoming more common in senior living and health care facilities, but a surprising number of facilities have safety concerns related to pet visitors. Pet therapy programs have been shown to provide health benefits to...

Combining Home Care & Activity Coaching Improves Function in Care Recipients

As older adults come to need help from paid or informal caregivers, the health changes that necessitate this assistance often mean they have fewer opportunities for physical activity. This lack of activity can then contribute to increasing...

Failed Taste Test: How Our Ability to Identify Flavor Declines with Age

A recent study investigated changes in how we taste flavors as we age. The authors found that not only do older adults find flavors less pleasant than younger adults, they also have more difficulty identifying specific flavors. For this study,...

Empowering Residents to Educate

Recently, a collaboration between a university and a Life Plan Community has created a unique educational program that builds on the life experience and knowledge of older adults to educate undergraduates on aging, in a course that provides...

Rich Man, Poor Man: How Does a Positive Attitude toward Aging Affect Different Economic Groups?

Previous research on aging has shown that positive attitudes toward aging can have multiple benefits for health and well-being, but it has not been clear whether these benefits extend to older adults in precarious economic situations. Having a...

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