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Empowering Residents to Educate

Recently, a collaboration between a university and a Life Plan Community has created a unique educational program that builds on the life experience and knowledge of older adults to educate undergraduates on aging, in a course that provides...

Rich Man, Poor Man: How Does a Positive Attitude toward Aging Affect Different Economic Groups?

Previous research on aging has shown that positive attitudes toward aging can have multiple benefits for health and well-being, but it has not been clear whether these benefits extend to older adults in precarious economic situations. Having a...

Tickled Pink: How Pink Noise Improves Older Adults’ Sleep & Memory

Researchers are continuing to explore the relationship between sleep and cognition in older adults. (For example, see here.) Recently, researchers examined one potential technology for improving the quality of older adults’ sleep: pink...

TRENDING NOW: Common Technology Use within Senior Living

The most widely used resident care technologies in the senior living industry, according to the recent ASHA Senior Living Technology Report, are emergency response systems and electronic medication administration records. These technologies...

When Volunteers Vamoose: Why Older Adults Stop Volunteering

Volunteering by older adults not only provides important societal benefits, but has also been shown to have positive impacts on the health of those who volunteer. (For example, see  here.) In light of the numerous benefits of volunteering and...

Setting the Record Straight: Debunking Harmful Myths about Aging

Ageism, inaccurate media portrayals, and lack of adequate education on aging all combine to produce a number of misconceptions about aging. In light of the negative impacts that such misconceptions can have, it is increasingly important to...

An Apple a Day Keeps Distress at Bay: Psychological Benefits of Eating Fruits & Veggies

There is growing evidence that nutrition not only plays a role in disease prevention, it can also impact mental health. A recent study of more than 50,000 middle-aged and older adults (average age of 62) examined the relationship between fruit...

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